May 26, 2010

New Hampshire Bound

I’m in New Hampshire the rest of the week. My travels have taken me mostly to large cities in the last year so I’m looking forward to spending time in the woods and experiencing civilization on a much smaller scale.

You may have noticed that Escape from New York has undergone a little bit of a design overhaul. It’s the first phase of a bigger overhaul to enhance your viewing experience. I hope you like.

Pictured above: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

May 22, 2010

City Icons: Los Angeles

You didn’t think I was going to write about the Hollywood sign did you? Perhaps rivaled only by Mexico City, Los Angeles is all about car culture and the many hours spent driving on its massive network of freeways. LA, like Mexico City, is also one of the smoggiest cities in the world. The difference between the two transportation wise is that Mexico City has an excellent metro system while Los Angeles is in the midst of completing a more extensive metro. I can’t imagine Los Angelinos will abandon their beloved cars en mass once it is complete and more convenient.

For those not used to the freeway system it can take nerves of steel to navigate six lanes populated by aggressive drivers who put the pedal to the metal only to hurry up and wait when they hit a traffic snarl. The city’s freeways are essentially parking lots during rush hour. In fact I had to wait a while well after rush hour before traffic starting moving to capture the motion of cars pictured above.

What are the cities of the world you have lived in or traveled to where a car is not necessary? I’ll vouch for New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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May 14, 2010

Nicaragua Gallery

I’ve added a Nicaragua Gallery to my Travel Photography Web site. Images include colonial cities, small villages, volcanoes, islands and the Pacific Coast.

Hope you enjoy some armchair traveling to kick start the weekend.

May 8, 2010

Shani Bhagavan Lord of Saturday

Shani Bhagavan is the Hindu Lord of Saturday and the planet of Saturn personified. In India devotees make offerings to him on Saturdays. We came across this makeshift street side shrine of Shani in one of Old Delhi’s narrow lanes.

He grants wealth and good fortune to those who do good deeds. If you aren’t the good deed type he’ll make you miserable.

Shani is typically shown in a dark color holding swords and arrows. Devotees often wear black on Saturdays to stay on his good side. The offerings you see pictured include fruit (in the plastic bags), flowers and mustard oil incense.

May 4, 2010

Street Scenes: Underground Joy Times Square

This installment of Street Scenes takes place underneath the streets of New York City. I came across the musicians pictured below at the Time Square subway stop. They were playing The Beatles classic Hey Jude. They did the song justice to say the least and had gathered a huge crowd. The acoustics in cavernous subway stations are excellent.

I love the look of absolute joy on the face of the father dancing with his baby. This scene is a reminder to myself to carry a camera more often when I wander my own city. How often do you take the time to photograph where you live?