Jun 30, 2011

Traffic From Around The World

A holiday weekend, Independence Day, is approaching which means the exodus from the city will result in epic traffic. From a distance it can look beautiful in the right light.

The FDR will take you to several bridges that lead out of Manhattan.

This stretch of Nathan Road in Hong Kong is one of the most populated in the world and becomes a neon forest at night.

Mexico City is for car lovers. Its main arteries become parking lots during rush hour each day.

Bangkok also has the dubious distinction of having some of the worst traffic in the world, which is best viewed from above.
Do you time your day around traffic?

Jun 21, 2011

The Witches’ House, Mexico City

Built in the early 1900s La Casa de las Brujas, the Witches’ House, can be found on the eastern side of Plaza Rio De Janiero in the fashionable neighborhood of Roma in Mexico City. Most likely a coincidence one of the towers of the red brick castle like structure forms a face, complete with pointy witch’s hat.

Roma has a wonderful mix of colonial architecture. It was an upscale area in the early 20th century, which fell into decline for decades and ultimately suffered heavy damage in the 1985 earthquake. In recent years it has gentrified and its leafy streets are lined with art galleries and cafes, many of them housed in restored mansions built during the neighborhoods’s hey day.

Jun 1, 2011

Street Scenes: No Parking Sign With Attitude NYC

If the $800 fine doesn't deter you the tone of this no parking sign spotted on the Upper East Side of Manhattan might.

Do you hear a man or a woman's voice yelling at you when you read the sign?