Aug 31, 2012

Celtic Threads Welsh Style

When traditional Celtic dress comes to mind most think of a tartan kilt. Did you know that Wales has traditional dress if only for the women?

The national threads typically include a stovepipe hat, gown, skirt, shawl and apron. Colors are red, black and white. Lady Llanofer, a Welsh heiress who wanted to preserve Wales’ cultural and individual identity, designed the Welsh National Costume in the 19th century. It is based on what countrywomen wore.

Today you aren’t likely to see anyone dressed this way unless it’s at a festival or on Saint David’s Day, when the traditional attire is worn by schoolgirls. Saint David is of course the patron saint of Wales.

What traditional clothing is worn in your part of the world?

Aug 19, 2012

Chairs From Around The World

Finding a good place to sit is part of traveling. Typically it involves choosing a scenic view or prime people watching spot. But the seat on which you rest your bones can also be an icon of the destination. 

The classic French bistro chair is utilitarian and stylish. These were stacked in an alley in Old Town, Nice. 

Adirondack chairs, designed for the outdoors and named for the mountain range, can be found throughout the Northeast in the USA, like the ones pictured here in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

The rocking chair in Nicaragua is key piece of furniture in every home. They are not a granny only affair and often bought in sets. Peering into the parlous of colonial homes you’ll see young and old lounging in them.
If you could bring home from your travels any style of chair, which would you choose?