Oct 15, 2007

Local New York City Personality

Believe it or not even Gotham is a village at times. Oswaldo Gomez is a local NYC personality. He participates along with his parrot and poodle in many of the City’s major parades and cultural events.

I bumped into him while he was on his way to the Annual Easter Hat Parade on 5th Avenue earlier this year where he was kind enough to pose for this photograph on the right.

Oswaldo also goes by the name Ms. Colombia, where he is from. According to the Queens Tribune he performs drag shows at various venues in the city.

Here he is at the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade held every summer.

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Roy Biggins said...

Hi Wendy,

Love the Oswaldo pics. He definitely reminds me of of Venice's Harry Perry. Have to wonder if they've ever met.

Wendy said...

Hi Roy,

You are so right about Harry. Would love to be sitting at the Fig Tree cafe in Venice right now.