Mar 20, 2010

Skylines From Around The World

There are many ways to photograph a city skyline. I like pursuing high vantage points as they give you a sense of scale and layout.

Beautiful mountains frame Seoul’s sprawling skyline.

In Taipei, Taipei 101 towers above all else.

The concrete, glass and steel canyons of Tokyo’s Shinjuku has one of the most iconic modern skylines in the world.

Hong Kong’s skyline sparkles at night.

Shanghai has two skylines. The Bund and the more recent Pudong pictured here.

It’s no coincidence that the cities featured above are in Asia. That part of the world has some of the most dynamic and constantly updated skylines on earth. But I couldn’t leave you without a shot of my own city. Look closely and you’ll see the shadow of the Empire State Building.

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Catherine said...

wow what a great sequence - love that one of Hong you have any like this of Mexico City??

brittany said...

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Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Fly Girl said...

That a great Asian skyline collection, I think I like the sparkly Hong Kong at night the best.

Anonymous said...

amazing skylines! great shots


Anil said...

Thanks for the tip on skylines, I think one of the more difficult shots to get (right).

Wendy said...

Catherine, None that I like. Need to go up again in tower on sunny day.

Brittany, Please get in touch at:
escapefromnewyork (at) hotmail (dot) com Thanks

Flygirl, Hong Kong's skyline is always my favorite.

Paz, Thank you!

Anil, Getting unique views is always a challenge.

Roy said...

Taipei is beautiful and highly underrated, IMO.

Wendy said...

Roy, Agreed. I'd go back in a flash.