May 15, 2009

Published Photographs: Mexico City Edition

Mexico and Mexico City in particular have been making headlines this year and the negative news is driving travelers away. Hopefully this will turn around sooner rather than later. I have had the good fortune to travel to Mexico City (and other parts of the country) several times in the last few years. This edition of published photographs is presented as an homage to the city and all the good reasons to travel there at least once in your lifetime. The photographs have appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers and travel guidebooks. Click on the image for a larger view.

The Zocalo (top) is perhaps the epicenter of the city. You’ll see Aztec dancers and shaman. The icons of the city include the Independence Monument and bright green Volkswagen taxis, although the latter is being phased out for more eco- friendly transportation. The clean and inexpensive metro is an excellent way to get around town. Mexico City has many parks and in some of them you’ll find large groups of people dancing on a weekend afternoon. There is a plethora of neighborhoods to explore including Coyoacan where a statue of Miguel Hidalgo has a prime spot in its main square. Mexico city has no shortage of good eats and is a street food city supreme.


jen laceda said...

Can't wait to visit Mexico City. I think that's going to be my next destination since it is practically in Canada's backyard as well!

Catherine said...

We definitely need the tourists down here as the economy is in a tailspin !! so thanks for the vote of confidence... and great pix too.. I am thinking of tracking down the church of Saint Death this wknd... in a dodgy part of town though so we will see

Romy said...

Hola! Yes, it is sad what's happening to the economy in Old Mexico because of fear. That combined with the overall economy of the world is having a devastating effect on a country that really knows little of "middle-class" ~ in Old Mexico most are either in poverty ~ or wealth ~ not much middle ground.

It is so wonderful to see folks such as yourself trying to keep the enthusiasm for travel in Old Mexico stirred up! I am a Mexican Folk Artist & I love everything about Mexico & it's people & I wish they could see a turn-around! I wish we could see a turn-around!!

I still remember the days before 911 when you could cross the Rio Grande in a rowboat (or walk across when the river was low!!) operated by an enterprising young kid who'd carry you to the other side for a peso or two! And once on the other side you could eat the greatest Mexican food at the quaintest cafes! Not anymore! Too bad for all of us! But those folks today are starving with no tourists coming over!

Very sad, yes. So please keep writing and photographing Mexico and those of us who have Mexico in our heart will not let fear keep us from traveling there!!

Have a great day! RoMy

Rajesh said...

Beautiful, that is lot of information covered in small post. Looks like a beautiful place and must visit location.

Lakshmi said...

I love the way you give the feel of a destination through your pics..

Fly Girl said...

This is a very timely post. I think that the panic will eventually fade and tourists will return. How can you avoid all the color and charm? I especially love the photo of the couple dancing. That simple joy sums up the Mexican spirit.

Wendy said...

Jen, You would love it.

Catherine, I read about the church of Saint Death. Sounds intriguing.

Romy,I agree and hope there is a turnaround soon.

Rajesh and Lakshmi, glad you enjoyed.

Fly Girl, I too hope all the panic subsides soon.