Jan 11, 2008

City Icons—Independence Monument Mexico City

The ground surrounding the Independence Monument, Mexico City’s icon, is slowly sinking. Also known as the Angel Statue or Angel of Independence it originally had no steps when it was built in 1910. They have been added as needed throughout the years to compensate for the receding land on which it sits.

The Angel is located on the Paseo de la Reforma the city center’s main thoroughfare. Created by Antonio Rivas Mercado to commemorate the War of Independence and its heroes she is the symbol of the city.

Here is a tip: Reforma is closed to traffic on Sundays for most of the day. Joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and Sunday strollers give it a park like atmosphere. If you are lucky you may catch the bizarre sight of pairs of police officers rolling by on Segways.

The only downside to Reforma being closed to vehicles is that traffic in the vicinity moves at a slow crawl. But in a city that is infamous for its traffic as always I recommend taking the metro.


Pickled Eel said...

Hi - I see that as for me India and China create the most stories. Or at least posts. New York is a place I try and escape to - it is always an adventure getting there and exploring. And all the other places you have been, especially Latin America, are all on my list!
Interesting reading blog - have added your link to my blogroll. Cheers

Wendy said...

Hi Pickled Eel,
Thank you for the kind words and adding me to your blogroll.
India and China are two of my favorite places to travel. Although I missed out on the pickled eel while in Beijing...
Sydney is high on my wish list of destinations as well as many other places in Australia.