Jul 16, 2008

Published Photographs: The Beijing Edition

Since the Beijing Olympics are less than a month away I thought I’d share some of the photographs I’ve had published in travel guidebooks in the last year. My last trip to Beijing was in November of 2005, strategically planned to photograph the city in the run up to the summer games. Publishers make selections well in advance of books going to press.

Despite the fact that it rained most of the week and much of city was covered in scaffolding I managed to come away with enough material. A lot of ground gets covered when the weather finally cooperates.

These photos are in several of the latest Beijing and China editions published by Frommer’s and Fodor’s as well as Rough Guides Wonders of the World.

From the Top: Door Forbidden City; Olympic mascot Tiananmen Square; Liulichang Market; Rickshaw drivers for tours of Hutongs; Bronze lion statue Forbidden City; Music store Liulichang Street.


PickledEel said...

That bronze lion is not only a popular "touch" point in Beijing but is probably one of the most photographed icons as well! Well done on getting the photos published!

Wendy said...

Pickled Eel,
This bronze lion had been polished since my first visit to Beijing a few years earlier. I think I preferred the old hard earned patina. I had to wait a while for people to stop posing in front of the statue for the obligatory photo before getting a clean shot.

Lola said...

Great pictures! I've added your blog to my "Links" page as well

Georg said...

Bonjour Wendy,

Good photos, you know your job! May I ask you one thing: how is the pollution in Beijing and elsewhere?

Is the air really so thick as they tell here all the time or is this one of the exaggerations related to China reporting.


Anil P said...

Well done on the publications. It's always satisfying to see effort being acknowledged in the form of publications.

Wendy said...

Lola, Georg and Anil,
Thank you.
Georg in terms of pollution it can be bad at times. In Shanghai a year and a half ago I had clear blue skies for four days and on the final day the pollution haze kicked in. The air smelled like sulphur and NY did not seem polluted when I got back in comparison.

Lakshmi said...

lovely collection and I liked the last one..its quaint

Nomadic Matt said...

As always wendy, great photos!

Wendy said...

Laksmhi and Matt,
thanks as always for stopping by.

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

It must have been very interesting to be there at that time of anticipation for what was to follow. Excellent images.