Nov 13, 2007

Matehaula Mexico The Last Supper

There was a three hour layover at the bus station in Matehaula, Mexico on the way to Real de Catorce. We opted to take a taxi to the town’s plaza de armas for a bite to eat and to kill some time.

The Santa Fe restaurant was perfect. It had an excellent choice of good stick-to-your-ribs Mexican cuisine.

The large dining room was filled with families. Clad in classic black and white uniforms the waiters were attentive, the atmosphere casual.

On one wall was a large painting of The Last Supper. If you look closely you will see this rendering of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece has Jesus and his disciples dining in the Santa Fe for that fateful meal.

Speaking of Mexican cuisine some fellow travel bloggers have been kind enough to include a post I wrote on chapulines in carnivals they have hosted. Mary Jo of Flyaway Cafe, hosts a travel carnival each month and this month’s theme was food .The theme for the next carnival is music. Meanwhile, Perceptive Travel who also participated, mentions my post here.

IgoUgo’s travel blog hosted a Food Edition of this week’s Carnival of Cities. Last week’s Carnival of Cities was hosted by Argentina’s Travel Guide who included a post I wrote on Shanghai.

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