Nov 18, 2007

National Geographic Traveler’s Places of a Lifetime

National Geographic Traveler is running a series, Places of a Lifetime, which kicked off with 10 cities. I have the good fortune of living in one of them, have lived in another, London, and traveled to the others, some almost every year.

Here are National Geographic’s picks in order of where I would like to get on a plane and go today: Hong Kong, London, Beijing, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, San Francisco, Miami and Washington D.C.

I have written about some of these destinations, Hong Kong, Beijing and New York, and will be posting on others. I look forward to seeing which locations NG adds next and how many of them are on my endless list of places to go. If you could get on a plane today where would you go?

The photo above was taken in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Tomorrow: Mexico's remote Real de Catorce, a ghost town undergoing a renaissance.


Zishaan Hayath said...

1. New York 2. Bombay 3. London 4. San Francisco 5. Istanbul 6. Paris 7. Rome 8. Zurich 9. Beijing 10. Tehran

Wendy said...


sounds good. Would love to go back to Istanbul and Bombay and to see Tehran.

laradunston said...

Wendy, love your blog and its postcard-like images!

Look out for 'Dubai' - to be released in their next batch of Places of a Lifetime - my husband and I wrote the guide and it will include some of my husband Terry's images.

laradunston said...

But to answer your question... if I could get on a plane today where would I go? I have to confess I get on planes way more than the average person but it's for work, not always to my dream destinations, so what are the places on my wish list? A combo of cities and countries: 1. Yemen, 2. Iran, 3. Libya, 4. Zanzibar, 5. Ethiopia, 6. Mali, 7. Madagascar, 8. Montenegro, 9. Guatemala, 10. Sarajevo

Wendy said...

Thank you and love your blog as well. I've been reading it for months.
Will def be looking out for the guide you and your husband wrote. I plan to make it to Dubai in the next year. It's been on my list for a while.
Just got back from Guatemala a few weeks ago and loved it.Was in Zanzibar several years ago and would love to go back.
In fact would love to go to all the places you mention. Montenegro might be a reality in the next 6 months if all works out.

laradunston said...

Wendy - this is a belated post - I haven't had much time to blog - so busy - but do let me know when you're heading to Dubai.

Wendy said...

Hi Lara,
just booked a flight a few days ago to Dubai. Heading there for a week in early April. Will e-mail you via your blog.