Dec 10, 2007

Man Mo Temple Hong Kong China

Hong Kong’s Man Mo Temple is tucked in between clusters of residential high rises in the traditional neighborhood of Sheung Wan. Built in the 1840s Man Mo is one of Hong Kong’s oldest temples and houses two deities, a civil (Man) and a military deity known as the God of War. Incense bearing worshippers quietly pray to the Gods.

Man Mo is Hong Kong’s most popular temple on the tourist circuit. On any day you will see buses parked outside and small groups of sightseers marveling at the ornate ceramic rooftop and abundance of burning incense coils hanging from the ceiling on the inside.

Open 7 a.m.-5 p.m. the temple is located on Hong Kong Island at the corner of Hollywood Road and Ladder Street about a five minute walk from the mid levels escalator. Hollywood Road is a shopper’s paradise lined with stores selling antiques, curios and in recent years chic home design stores. It is easy to visit the temple before or after a shopping spree.

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