Dec 17, 2007

Window Watching San Miguel de Allende

When is the last time you stopped to peer at, not through, a window?

And a block or two later stopped again?

The allure of the color and details of the architecture of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico’s colonial heartland can provoke this obsessive behavior.



Anil P said...

Windows never cease to intrigue me, more so windows such as these.

In the Latin Quarter of Goa I sometimes look at similar windows now reinforced with iron grills for protection, and wish it was safe enough for them to let go of those grills and sit in the street like they were meant to, open!

Wendy said...

Hi Anil,
Goa has some beautiful architecture. Thank your for planting it in my mind. You've inspired me to post on Goa now!

Jennifer said...

even windows have something creative about them. I love all the windows, art and doors in San Miguel.Artsz