Mar 3, 2008

Listen Up: New Yawk City Accents

Pssssst, c'mere. You wanna here some local dialect?

How well tuned is your linguistic ear? No matter where you are from I bet you can identify where people live or grew up in your country or city based on their local accent.

In large cities accents can often be broken down by neighborhood. London and Boston come to mind. In New York City accents vary by borough. Gritty, old world New York accents still exist –dees, dem and dose (translation: these, them and those).

AM New York, a free daily newspaper, recently published an online interactive audio tour of different New York City accents in the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens). You’ll find the link below.

Have fun! And please remember to turn down the volume on your computer if you are reading this at work.

AM New York’s Interactive Audio Tour of NYC Accents.

Photograph: Detail of Brooklyn Bridge.


DEbo Hobo said...

That was a neet little vocal tour of New York. I also love the Bostonian accent as well but I think New Yawkers are my fav.

anja said...

That was so much fun to listen to! I love the hodgepodge of New Yawk accents.

Wendy said...

Debo Hobo and Anja,

For a free paper that is handed out at subway stations AM New York has some fun interactive features on its Web site. Glad you enjoyed.