Mar 16, 2008

Strange Souvenirs: Hezbollah T-Shirts Lebanon

Most people can’t resist bringing home something from their travels. Some seek out beautifully made local handicrafts, while others bring back the edible (coffees, teas, spices). And let’s not forget the classic T-shirt or mug.

But some mementos are more memorable than others. How about T-shirts emblazoned with the Hezbollah logo, which include the silhouette of an automatic weapon? They were a popular keepsake amongst tourists visiting Lebanon’s Baalbek Temple complex.

Vendors just outside the temple had stalls with the garments, which featured one side in English, the other in Arabic: "Hezbollah The Victorious Party. Islamic Resistance In Lebanon." I wonder if those purchasing them wore them after they got home.

I’ll be writing more on some of the more bizarre souvenirs I have come across. What strange souvenirs have you found or bought when traveling?


Kim Wildman said...

Certainly a little on the bizarre side, but also one of my favourite purchases while travelling was a traditional Basotho hat, a conical woven hat with a distinctive topknot, from Lesotho in Africa. My American friend who travelled with me kept trying to "accidentally" leave it behind everywhere we went - he thought it was a great joke! In spite of his best efforts, I managed to keep track of the hat for the three months we were on the road, but when I returned home I ended up leaving it in the Australian customs office at the airport. What was surprising, however, was that the customs officer who checked my bags actually chased me out into car park to return it to me. I eventually turned the hat into a lamp shade which I used in my bathroom at home, only to sell my house a couple of years later and lose the hat for good... I hope the people who bought my house realised what a special hat it was!

Wendy said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by. Great story. I hope the people who bought your home kept it as well.