Apr 14, 2008

Ancient Air Conditioning Dubai

Air conditioning without electricity? Now there is a concept that would sit well with today’s green movement.

Long before Dubai’s state of the art skyscrapers started sprouting traditional architecture featured built in air conditioning. Architects incorporated wind towers to help cool the blazing heat.

The necessity of dealing with the harsh climate led to functional architectural detail. Ingenious and attractive the structure of the wind towers catches the breeze and funnels it down into the room below cooling it. If only the rooftop air conditioning systems of today looked so good.

A large concentration and perhaps some of the best example of wind towers in Dubai cab be found in the Bastakia section of Dubai near the creek. I’ll be writing more on the charms of Bastakia, where I stayed. Funny how a section of a city with some of Dubai’s lowest buildings makes you want to look up.


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indicaspecies said...

You have a nice blog and it's interesting reading about Wind Towers.

I've written about Wind Towers in my post on Orchha dated June 13, 2008:

Wendy said...

Hi Indicaspecies,
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