Jun 23, 2008

Street Scenes: Barber Varanasi India

In the old city of Varanasi and particularly along the ghats (steps) at the edge of the Ganges River life and death are out in the open. The ordinary and extraordinary take place side by side.

This man was getting a shave the good old-fashioned way. He was only a short walk away from where people were mourning loved ones at Manikarnika ghat, the main cremation ghat in Varanasi and one of the most sacred.

Colorful sadhus (holy men) wander while tourists check them out trying to gather the courage to take a photograph. Cows lumber up and down steep steps and crowds of people part to make way for them.

This scene was taken the same morning I can across the sadhus and young boy. I revisit that morning often in my mind as I’m wandering in my own city aware only of what is necessary to get from point A to B as fast as I can.

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backpacker said...

such scenes are quite common in even big cities in India though more often in small towns and villages..lovely capture..am sure you would get more such vignettes ..

thought i would share with you my recent column that got published..I write "the inside story " about a destination that makes the destination what it is today


Wendy said...

Hi Lakshmi,
Look forward to reading your column.

Lakshmi said...

thanks wendy ...here is the link..it is a short piece though

Rolling said...

:) it was interesting to re-discover whats typical of my country thru ur eyes n words.got here thru Priyank's n bec u hve a completely diff perspective on India(I mean, I read Lakshmi and the others usu)wd revisit. My children just completed a "hats of the World" proj, wish I hd seen this bef!