Jul 30, 2008

New Travel Blogging Community

A new travel blogging community has been formed online. Pam from Nerd’s Eye View has set up an online forum for Travel Bloggers to connect. There is no end of online resources for travelers to connect but the same cannot be said for Travel Bloggers.

This is a great way to unite with other Travel Bloggers and discover new ones. Read about how the forum came about here. And to take part you can register here. Thanks to Pam for taking the initiative.

Photograph: Forum Rome, Italy


Anonymous said...

Great News !
Thankyou !

Lakshmi said...

thanks for sharing..and the picture brings back nostalgic memories

Wendy said...

Hi Hobo and Lakshmi,
I hope you check it out.

jen laceda said...

wow! thanks for sharing. i will be sure to check it out, since i am an avid writer & traveller myself. not sure i'm really good at it though. :(

Wendy said...

It's a good way to connect with kindred traveling spirits. You are way too humble. I've enjoyed reading your blog.