Aug 6, 2008

Portraits: Healer Djemma el Fna Marrakesh

He was set up in a relatively quiet section of Djemma el Fna in Marrakesh. In front of him herbs, antlers, ostrich eggs and items I could not identify in glass jars were spread out on a blanket. They were the potions of this traditional healer.

Based on his dress he appears to be Tuareg, a nomadic people of the Sahara. He noticed my curiosity and motioned for me to take a look. He did not ask for money after I took his portrait, which is typically the custom for those photographed in Marrakesh’s famed square.

When I showed him this image he smiled and seemed pleased with the results.


Anonymous said...

I believe in traditional healer.

Lakshmi said...

Interesting to know about different people ..lovely picture

Wendy said...

Hobo-I am very interetsed in traditional healing.
Lakshmi-I wish that I could have spoken with him properly but language barriers got in the way.

jen laceda said...

hi wendy,
i love the blue! morocco is definitely on top my list of places to go! i just know my daughter (well, she's a curious 1-1/2 year old) would absolutely love djemma el fna and all the curious stuff there!

Nomadic Matt said...

that's a good photo. I always hate how people ask for money. I'm glad he didn't.

Wendy said...

Morocco has the most perfect blue doesn't it? I bet your daughter would have a ball in djemma el fna.
Matt, Thanks. he was very low key and gracious.

GMG said...

Hi Wendy! 2008.08.08 is a very special day for Blogtrotter. So, before I start commemorating, let me just tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my blogs! Thanks a lot!
Wow! Great shot, and what a blue!
The travel blogging community might be interesting, provided one has time to get there... I'll try! Furthermore your picture of the Roman forum is similar to one I posted today at the 90s... ;))
Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Wendy said...

Hi Gil,
thank you as always for your comments. I'm off to see what you are commemorating. Have a great weekend also.