Aug 13, 2008

Street Scenes: Hutong Beijing

Life spills out onto the pavement in Beijing’s Hutongs (alleys). Outside storefronts and homes people sit on chairs and doorsteps working and chatting.

This corner grocer and food stand was no exception. Notice how the man and woman are wearing red arm bands. This was to commemorate National Day, when this photograph was taken.


Anonymous said...

Great !

Cuckoo said...

Aha !!

We have the fortune to see Bejing thru your eyes.

Wendy said...

Hobo and Cuckoo,
Glad you like.

Anonymous said...

I love it when your pictures capture such tiny but significant details, like the armbands. You really know how to capture my attention.
Bella :)

Anil P said...

This is a wonderful street scene, so laidback.

Wendy said...

Bella, Thank you as always for stopping by and commenting.
Anil- These communities are like villages within the large city.