Sep 1, 2008

Organic Mural Tepoztlan Mexico

Rice and beans are not just staples of cuisine in Tepoztlan, Mexico. In the center of town is a 16th century Dominican monastery and church, the Ex-Convento Dominico de la Natividad.

The gated entrance to the courtyard is adorned with a large organic mosaic made with an assortment of rice, beans and seeds.It depicts a variety of religious figures and historical scenes.

I can’t imagine how many hours it took to create the artwork. It is updated annually.

Tepoztlan is about an hour’s drive from Mexico City and a popular weekend getaway for the city’s residents.

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GMG said...

Amazing scene! Love the incredible spots you discover for us to see... Great work!

Wendy said...

Hi Gil,
Thank you.
Mexico is full of interesting details.

Anonymous said...

It is updated annually!! catherine

Wendy said...

Catherine thanks. I have updated the post.