Dec 10, 2008

Street Scenes: Sweet Sellers In Marrakesh’s Souk

The confectionery sellers were perfectly framed in their stalls in Marrakesh’s souk.

If you look closely at the vendor on the left you can see the only way to enter is through a small door in the front at the bottom. I wonder if the woman making a purchase was carefully choosing treats to bring home for a meal prepared for family and friends. Or perhaps she just had a sweet tooth after a long day of shopping.


Lola said...

Love how you worked with natural light in. Cool shot!

Cuckoo said...

This type of small doors are quite common in India in roadside kiosks.

Wendy said...

Hi Lola, Thank you very much.

Hi Cuckoo, yes I have seen the same in India.

Pat said...

So interesting Wendy! The panama hats too!

Hope you get to see the Rockefeller tree this season -- the area was pretty empty on Monday so it was easy to get lots of photos.

jen laceda said...

Hello Wendy,

Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for all your kind words.

This is such a beautiful photo -- all the tiny specks of light shining through...

-Jen of Folie a Deux

Mark H said...

I love the ornate cut at the top of the food stands in contrast to the rough narrow door where the vendor has to crawl in to enter his stand.

Wendy said...

Hi Pat,
The city seems so much more empty than last year this time. Perhaps people are looking to stay closer to home because of the economy.

Hi Jen, Thank you!

Hi Mark, I like how ornate they are as well. So much character.