Jan 23, 2009

Strange Souvenirs: Ojamas

Inaugural souvenirs came in all shapes and forms in DC. People everywhere were wearing concert-like and bedazzled T-shirts with President Obama’s portrait (under warm coats of course).

But I wonder how many came home with a pair of Ojamas. The PJs are emblazoned with a replica of the campaign logo, in the shape of a “capitol” O of course.

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koala said...

It was untactful of me to try to discuss perception of politicians when You were just about to participate in a historic event. Sorry for that. Still can't stop myself not to comment that. I mean Ojamas?!? Obama is turning into a brand and I'm afraid he wont be able to do anything cause no one will listen anymore.

SQ said...

Obama already is a brand. Perhaps people will listen because of that not in spite of that?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had one.

Final_Transit said...

Oh LOL this is like taking Obama to another level!

Catherine said...

So did you bring a souvenir pair back with you??

Wendy said...

Hi Koala,
The Ojamas aren't being sold by the President or his staff. An entrepreneur with a sense of humor came up with the idea. No worries on your comments.

Hi SQ,
I hope the apathy in this country has come to an end. Based on what I saw Tuesday there are many who care.

Hi Hobo,
perhaps someone will buy you a pair for your birthday.

Hi Final Transit,
you have to admit the president has an excellent name to rhyme with.

I bought you a pair instead :^)

Gennaro said...

That's too funny. These would have been useful during the election run. All his staff in offices across the country wearing their ojami's.

Are they silk or cotton?

Fly Girl said...

Oh I want Ojamas instead of the flannel PJs I'm forced to wear!

Wendy said...

Hi Gennaro--They are cotton.

Hi Flygirl, Winter needs to end or at least ease up soon.