May 8, 2009

IBN Battuta Dubai’s Traveler Mall

Even if you are not a mall person you can’t travel to Dubai without visiting at least one. They are the man made oases that offer respite from the heat and a place to socialize and people watch.

In some ways Dubai’s IBN Batutta Mall is the consummate traveler’s mall. It was designed to reflect the travels of 14th century Moroccan explorer and Islamic scholar Ibn Battuta. He hit the road for 30 years.

The mall is divided into six courts: China, India, Persia, Tunisia, Egypt and Andalusia. Each is decadent. The China Court features a full size Chinese Junk.

IBN Battuta is Dubai’s largest themed mall. In theory it would be possible to wander its courts for days without leaving if you could find a place to rest your head. The mall is so large it has a shuttle that will take you from point to another. It even accommodates worshippers by piping in the call to prayer and providing prayer rooms.

IBN Battuta Mall is located adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road between interchanges 5 and 6. It is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday-Tuesday and until midnight Wednesday-Friday.


Catherine said...

Do they have painted sky ceilings like a few do here, so you truly are in a parallel universe??

jen laceda said...

wow...I'm not sure if I like this idea or not, but like every Dubai visitor I guess, we're all curious to actually see this place!

Lakshmi said...

Ive been you said, it was almost like you must see this place..

Wendy said...

Catherine, They have a painted sky ceiling in the Persia Court.

Jen, I'm not a mall person but when in Rome..

Lakshmi, There is some decent shopping.

marina villatoro said...

Dubia is just decadance galore!!! Every time I see a picture of it from the outside or in, I'm absolutely amazed with the riches that are involved with the making of it!
Great pictures!