Jun 27, 2009


I know I’m going somewhere in Asia in the fall and Seoul is on the shortlist so when travel writer and guidebook author Anja asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful Ever the Nomad blog I chose Koreatown one of Manhattan’s lesser known neighborhoods. I’ve been following Anja’s travels for a while now and always find her writing style, perspective and travels breathtaking. She recently returned from the wilds of British Columbia.

Elsewhere on the Web thanks to Heather of Heather on Her Travels for including this blog among her favorites. Heather’s blog is also one of my favorites and we have similar taste in travel destinations. Heather recently returned from Lebanon.

Meanwhile I have finally joined the Twitter fray. A little late to the party perhaps but fashionably so I hope. You can find me there at @EscapefromNY.


jen laceda said...

Can't wait to read your take on Koreatown! I stayed in Koreatown during a 1999 visit to NYC! Let me tell you, we had our fill of Korean bbq, bibimbap, and cheap karaoke--and we had loads of FUN!

GMG said...

Hi Wendy, lucky girl! Always travelling around when we are (I am) stuck... ;)

Long time no see! Blogtrotter is showing some sights of the most northern capital city in the world. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Anil said...

Thought you were talking about the Chinatown in London, which the locals call Koreatown because there aren't that many Chinese people there.

kristine said...

God choice! Will be an interesting read.

I've only just joined twitter as well....not feeling it yet but maybe suddenly I'll 'get it'???

Lakshmi said...

will u be coming over to india ?

Wendy said...

Jen, I need to go back and eat there soon.

Hi Gil, thanks for stopping by.

Anil, I never knew that.

Kristine, I'm still getting me feet wet with Twitter. I resisted for a long time.

Lakshmi, I'm really hoping some time next year. Our trip to India keeps getting pushed back much to my dismay.