Aug 11, 2009

Forts From Around The World

Strategically perched on hillsides or along oceans and rivers the ancient forts of the world provide excellent vistas.

Jaigarh or Victory Fort in Jaipur, India presents many excellent views especially from the walkway of its Mughal Gardens.

Fort Skala de la Ville in Essaouira, Morocco sits besides the Atlantic Ocean of this coastal city.

The watchtowers of El Morro Fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico offered protection from would be enemies and the strong sun.

Now a museum, Castel Sant Angelo in Rome was once a fort and castle. To reach it you must cross the bridge of the same name, which is lined with statues of angels, and vendors selling knock off designer bags.


kristine said...

wendy, which san juan is this??

lovely as always :)

Anonymous said...

Recently, The first time I visited Pratapgarh Fort - It was an excellent walk to watch & know history.

Lola said...

Cool shots. My fav is the one from Jaipur.

Wendy said...

Kristine, Doh! It's Puerto Rico. I've amended the post. Sorry for the confusion.

Hobo, India has so many beautiful forts.

Lola, Thanks. That's my fav as well.

Nomadic Matt said...

I love the one from Rome. It's got such a great look to it.

ana said...

Beautiful photos... I didn't have time to visit the castle in Rome, so next time I have to prior that one. Magnificent