Sep 20, 2009

USA's Oldest Cattle Ranch

The USA’s oldest cattle ranch isn’t where you might expect. In fact it’s just a train ride from New York City in a hamlet where surfers flock and fisherman have worked the Atlantic Ocean for generations.

Established in 1658 Deep Hollow Ranch is located in Montauk the eastern most tip of Long Island. Today it is still a working ranch and open to the public.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me the movie "Betaab"
starring : sunny deol, amrita singh.

Fly Girl said...

You're right, I would never had guessed that the oldest cattle ranch was out East. What kind of cattle do they raise and do they sell to locovores in NY?

Catherine said...

you're right you wouldn't expect to find it here... is it still thriving??

Erica said...

I have never been to a cattle ranch. Was this the first time you visited one?

Wendy said...

Hobo-It did look like a movie set

Flygirl-Being a city girl I really don't know

Catherine, It is indeed thriving

Erica, I've visited them in New Mexico