Dec 27, 2009

City Icons: Seoul South Korea

Located on top of Namsan Mountain Seoul’s icon can be seen throughout the city. Built in the late 1960s N Seoul Tower opened to the public in 1980.

But the best view is from the tower itself from which you can see a full panorama of the city.

To reach Seoul Tower you can hike up Mount Namsan, take a bus or cable car. For a fee you can enter several indoor observation decks. The best time of day to visit is around sunset so you can see the city during daylight and after it is lit up at night.

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Fly Girl said...

Great shot. Can people climb the mountain?

jen laceda said...

I'd love to visit Seoul, Korea and actually stay. Not just in transit all the time...

Wendy said...

Fly Girl, It's more of a hiking than climbing mountain.

Jen, Don't you think so many travelers overlook Seoul?