Feb 17, 2010

Masaya And A Tale of Two Markets

Masaya in Nicaragua is known for its National Artisans Market, or Mercado Artesanias, but this tourist attraction isn’t the only game in town. While it’s worth a visit to see what’s available don’t miss the Municipal Market or Mercado Municipal located adjacent to the bus station, an enormous unpaved lot of sorts.

Nicaragua is known for its hammocks, wood, leather and pottery and there is plenty to choose from at the Artisans Market. But the Municipal Market has an equally if not better - think less souvenir-ish - section of handicrafts featuring what seemed to be a wider variety as well as some peculiar items.

This is the place to buy the stuffed armadillo you’ve always coveted.

The sprawling municipal market caters to the people who live there of course and walking around it will give you a better sense of this hard working town. You could likely find everything needed here including food, furniture, clothing, household items and rows of cobblers waiting to mend your sole.

Top Photo National Artisans Market, Other Three Municipal Market


Fly Girl said...

A stuffed armadillo! Could you even get that through customs? I love markets where the locals hang, great shots.

Catherine said...

looks very familiar - give me the mercado municipal any day!!

Wendy said...

Fly Girl, Good question!

Catherine, Same here.