May 4, 2010

Street Scenes: Underground Joy Times Square

This installment of Street Scenes takes place underneath the streets of New York City. I came across the musicians pictured below at the Time Square subway stop. They were playing The Beatles classic Hey Jude. They did the song justice to say the least and had gathered a huge crowd. The acoustics in cavernous subway stations are excellent.

I love the look of absolute joy on the face of the father dancing with his baby. This scene is a reminder to myself to carry a camera more often when I wander my own city. How often do you take the time to photograph where you live?


Lakshmi said...

I heard so many musicians play in the suburbs and streets of NYC..Some of the best music Ive ever heard..wish I had taken videos..

Fly Girl said...

I've seen NYC subway musicians and they are typically great. So are Chicago street performers but I never carry my camera unless I'm going to a restaurant to snap the food. I never think about it when I'm just going about my daily routine but I keep telling myself that I need to start carrying my camera, I hate cell phone shots.

Wendy said...

Lakshmi and Fly Girl, NYC does have some great street musicians. I really need to make it to Chicago for so many reasons.