Sep 30, 2010

Street Scenes: Money Changer, Nicaragua

The moneychangers in Granada, Nicaragua populate the street leading up to the municipal market. They hold large wads of US dollars and some sit on stools like the one pictured below. He is also operating as a makeshift drive through ATM. His customer sits on a motorcycle counting his cash.
But unlike most countries Granada’s moneychangers are not part of the black market. They are bank employees. Have you ever exchanged currency using black market moneychangers when traveling?


Lakshmi said...

Ive tried hard differentiating between the official and unofficial money chargers - some unofficial guys often look like official

Anil said...

I haven't tried that yet, I'm convinced I'd get ripped off :P

Photo Cache said...

Once, but of course with the help of a local.

Wendy said...

Lakshmi, It can be hard to tell.

Anil, Me too.

Photo Cache, sounds like the best way to do it.

Andrew Gould said...

How interesting. A country I intend to visit in the future.
Really enjoying your blog and website.

Wendy said...

Glad you found your way here and thanks for stopping by.