Mar 31, 2010

India Bound

I’m flying to India today for a few weeks. First stop is Delhi, my husband’s hometown. Looking forward to seeing our family and friends. It’s been three long years since we were there last.

We will also be heading to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan and will hopefully be fortunate enough to see India’s endangered tigers in the wild. A few day trips from Delhi are planned as well. I have posts lined up while I’m away and as always will have plenty to report when I return.

Pictured above: Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Presidential Palace in New Delhi.

Mar 26, 2010

Street Scenes: Seoul

Seoul may be a city of ancient palaces and shrines but it is equally a city of modern architecture and design.

This was taken in Seoul Plaza next to City Hall. Events and performances are often held outdoors on the plaza. I don’t know what this installation was for and can only imagine how many were tempted to climb it.

Mar 20, 2010

Skylines From Around The World

There are many ways to photograph a city skyline. I like pursuing high vantage points as they give you a sense of scale and layout.

Beautiful mountains frame Seoul’s sprawling skyline.

In Taipei, Taipei 101 towers above all else.

The concrete, glass and steel canyons of Tokyo’s Shinjuku has one of the most iconic modern skylines in the world.

Hong Kong’s skyline sparkles at night.

Shanghai has two skylines. The Bund and the more recent Pudong pictured here.

It’s no coincidence that the cities featured above are in Asia. That part of the world has some of the most dynamic and constantly updated skylines on earth. But I couldn’t leave you without a shot of my own city. Look closely and you’ll see the shadow of the Empire State Building.

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Mar 13, 2010

Changdeokgung, Seoul’s Palace of Illustrious Virtue

For the most part you can only visit Changdeokgung, Palace of Illustrious Virtue, on a 90-minute guided tour. But if you happen to be in Seoul between April and November you can take your time and wander the sprawling grounds on your own on Thursdays.

It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon.

Built in the 1400s Changdeokgung became Seoul’s main palace when Gyeongbokgung was destroyed during the Japanese invasion in the late 1500s. It kept this status until the late 1890s and descendants of royalty lived here as recently as 20 years ago.

The palace complex is spread out and takes hours to explore, time well spent. Hilly paved paths will lead you to various ornate structures, including throne halls and living quarters, as well as forests and even a secret garden.

Pictured above from top to bottom: Donhwamun Gate, Main Throne Hall, Secret Garden and Main Palace

Mar 6, 2010

Street Scenes: Unwrapped Oscar Hollywood

On my recent trip to Los Angeles I spent some time on Hollywood Boulevard updating my photography files for the agencies I submit stock photography to. Just a week before the Academy Awards preparation had begun outside the Kodak Theatre for the Red Carpet event.

I always seem to travel to Los Angeles right around Oscar time. It’s the tale end of the long winter in the Northeast and a desperate need to see the sun and catch up with old friends who migrated from New York years ago brings me back most years. Nothing shakes off the winter blahs like good company and ocean air.

Where do you go when you need to escape and rejuvenate? Are you able to do this closer to home?