Jan 23, 2011

Street Scenes: Taxco’s Color Coordinated Taxis

Taxco is a color coordinated colonial town in Guerrero State Mexico. Its white colonial buildings match the Volkswagen Beatle taxis cruising the zigzagging streets.

The front passenger seat is taken out so that passengers can easily climb in back. The size of the VW Beatles makes them perfect for navigating the narrow steep cobblestone alleys of Taxco, which is famous for its silver markets.

The top photograph was taken in Taxco’s zocalo, Plaza Borda, on a Sunday just as mass let out at Santa Prisca Church and the bottom photo from the rooftop terrace of the hotel I stayed at.


Fly Girl said...

Those taxis look pristine. Did you ever see any dirty ones?

Wendy said...

Fly Girl, I didn't. Drivers take a lot of pride in their cars. I'm sure on a rainy day though they could get muddy.

Anonymous said...

Love the detail and the touches of colour from those vendors on the right in the first shot, and the composition and point of view in the second one.

Wendy said...


Both were taken from perches with scenic unobstructed views.

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