Jun 1, 2011

Street Scenes: No Parking Sign With Attitude NYC

If the $800 fine doesn't deter you the tone of this no parking sign spotted on the Upper East Side of Manhattan might.

Do you hear a man or a woman's voice yelling at you when you read the sign?


Catherine said...

great picture - and the tone of that instruction is LOUD - my favourite in Mexico for deterring people from parking in a Handicapped place translated as "If you don´t do it out of love then do it out of FEAR" - followed by the amount of the fine!!
Greetings from Mexico

Erica said...

"Don't even think of parking here."
Love that sign! And, like Catherine said, the tone is LOUD. Who would have the guts to park there!?

Wendy said...

Catherine and Erica- Makes me glad I don't own a car! I love the sign in Mexico--it gets the point across with a sense of humor.

Photo Cache said...

I actually hear a little Brooklyn accent.

R xx said...

I hear a cop with a Brooklyn accent!