Apr 30, 2011

Bridges From Around The World

Some of the most iconic travel images worldwide are of bridges.

The Golden Gate Bridge is amongst the most photographed bridges in the world and on many travelers’ itineraries when visiting San Francisco.

Sant Angelo Bridge spanning the Tiber River in Rome is pedestrian only. It was built in 134 AD long before the automobile was invented.

Some Bridges are pilgrimages for travelers not because of their architectural appeal but for their historical significance. Freedom Bridge in Paju, South Korea was used to repatriate POWs returning from the North.

More than 5,000 people walk across the Brooklyn Bridge every day, many of them tourists. It rivals the Golden Gate in terms of being the most photographed in the world.

What bridges have you gone out of your way to see when traveling?

Apr 19, 2011

San Francisco Bound

I’m heading to the airport shortly to catch a flight to San Francisco where I’ll spend the rest of the week.

I haven’t been to San Francisco, which I used to visit regularly, in about 10 years. The first visit was at the age of 16. I biked with American Youth Hostels from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco camping and staying in hostels in the three weeks it took. A love affair with the Pacific Coast Highway began.

The following year I biked with AYH from San Francisco to San Diego. On average we biked 30-40 miles a day. One day I’d like to travel from Vancouver to San Diego, although in a car, stopping at whim along the way.

What road trips are you longing to take?

Apr 10, 2011

Street Scenes: Architecturally Correct Dentist Mexico City

I wonder if the dentist who commissioned this structure has a sense of humor, wanted to get creative with marketing or a little of both.

This molar can be found in Condesa, Mexico City. The tree lined neighborhood is home to beautiful colonial architecture, a thriving nightlife, outdoor cafes and lovers of designer pooches who exercise them in peaceful Parque México.