Jan 24, 2012

Los Angeles Bound

I’m flying to Los Angeles, California later today. This trip, the first of the year, involves visiting good friends, curing the winter blahs and photography of course. This time of year can yield some of the bluest, smog free skies in LA.  

How do you cure the winter blahs? Does it involve travel?

Pictured above: Venice Beach


Ola said...

waiting for warmer days is hard, I am trying to forget that it is so cold outside. But of course-travelling is the best way

Wendy said...

Ola, Agreed!

NYC Travel said...


Indeed looking at these photos, and any photos of warm places, sure does seem tempting for a winter get away. You ask how we shake off the winter blues (which are a real problem for some people I might add), as much as I would love to travel, we have sheep, they lamb in the late winter so we cannot really leave them. As such the best way to shake off winter blues is to talk about summer trips, and get outside on the sunny days as much as possible, actually when there is snow on the ground, and it is sunny, I think we can really get more vitamin D because of all the sun bouncing off the snow.
Great travel blog. Enjoyed!