Jun 2, 2012

Strange Souvenirs: Jubilee Ma'amite

Mugs with the Queen’s (err hem) mug are typical souvenirs to bring back from the British Isles especially those marking milestones.

But Marmite has taken commemorating her Majesty a step further with a special edition Jubilee Ma'amite. After addressing the Queen as "Your Majesty" first, correct protocol is to call her "Ma'am" after. 

Marmite, which can be found in most kitchen cupboards in the UK, is a savory spread made from yeast extract. It can be an acquired taste, much in the same way people love or hate olives - there is no in between.
Those who managed to get their hands on a jar of Jubilee Ma’amite can spread some on their toast and literally toast the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Sixty years of reign is a long time.
I’d love to have a pint with the person who coined Ma'amite.


Fly Girl said...

That's hilarious.I can't stand marmite but I'd love to have this keepsake.

Wendy said...

I'm not a Marmite fan either. But olives are cool.