Jul 5, 2012

Street Scenes: Dragon Clan New York City

When aspiring photographers ask me how to pursue travel photography I always tell them to start in their own back yard. No matter where you live there is always travel related subject matter. It could be a scenic view, quirky attraction or festival. This summer I am taking my own advice.

Pictured here are a group of folks who every year take part in the Gay Pride March held every June. This year they dressed in dragon-themed costumes for the Chinese Year of the Dragon. This photograph was taken after hours of preparation in a nearby apartment in Chelsea (which I also photographed) on the way to the march.
What do you like to photograph in your own back yard?


Photo Cache said...

SF has a very flamboyant gay pride parade as well, but haven't gone to photograph it yet.

I love to photograph the Victorian houses in SF.

Wendy said...

Photo Cache,
The Pride event in SF must be quite the event.Some of the Victorian homes in SF are also quite flamboyant.