Dec 29, 2012

Cathedrals from around the World

Some of the most visited sites in the world are religious institutions. The world’s cathedrals are among them due to their grand architecture and history.

York Minster in Yorkshire, England has roots dating back to 627. Construction of the current Gothic style structure began in 1220 and was completed in 1472.

The Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City is the largest in Latin America. It dates from the late 16th and towers over the city's enormous square, the Zocalo.

--> Catedral de Santiago In Antigua, Guatemala has undergone many makeovers over the centuries due to earthquakes. It was established in the 1500s.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral is a popular tourist destination in Monaco. It is the final resting place of Princess Grace.

More than 5 million people a year visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Known locally as Saint Pats, it opened its doors in 1879.

Dec 24, 2012

Scenes from a Tokyo Subway Car

How many people do you spot in this subway car in Tokyo engaging with their electronic devices?

Close to 9 million passengers ride Tokyo’s subway system daily. But how many actually interact with one another? It got me thinking about New York City and London as well where people do their best to avoid social interaction on subways.

Do people interact on public transportation where you live or do their best to keep to themselves?

Dec 4, 2012

Featured In NYIP Book Top Travel Photo Tips

I was asked earlier this year to contribute to the New York Institute of Photography’s latest book “Top Travel Photo Tips From Ten Pro Photographers.”

The book is hot of the presses and I’m in good company. You can read more about it in this write up in USA Today.