Jun 27, 2013

Ventimiglia Italy

The first stop on the coastal railway in Italy east of the Cote d’Azur, Ventimiglia is an often overlooked border town. Travelers typically stop long enough to catch trains to other parts of the country. 

But perched high on a hill overlooking the new town center and Mediterranean is the medieval old town. It has all the accoutrements that typically draw travelers to old towns – a cathedral, cobblestone lanes, centuries old homes leaning toward one another and squares tucked away where you least expect them.

Part of its charm is that it has not been turned into a vacation home, tourist trap. Many of its peaceful narrow streets look like they have been preserved from a time taking place at least five decades ago. Strolling through it one afternoon I pictured it in black and white as well as color.

Are there any border towns that you would recommend exploring instead of just passing through?  

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