Oct 26, 2013

The Art of Display In France

There are certain places on earth that outdo most others when it comes to displaying goods for sale. France is one of them. Mexico also comes to mind.

Great care is taken in how food is arranged in the farmers markets of the south. Tomatoes in Marche Forville in Cannes artfully arranged alongside bright yellow lemons no longer look ordinary.

The color coordinated, subtle placement of these exquisite handmade candies in Nice’s Cours Saleya make them hard to resist. 

Beautifully designed packaging stands out in this window display of a sardine shop on Rue Meynadier in Cannes. It always beckons me to browse.   

Striking display isn’t limited to the tony parts of France. The backdrop of a Mediterranean blue utilitarian tray and the abstract circular placement of these fish in Marseille where fisherman sell the catch of the day along the old harbor no doubt contributed to them selling out fast.

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