Jan 23, 2008

Campo De Fiori Rome Italy

How would you like to shop like a Roman? It’s not expensive. I promise.

In the city center is a neighborhood called Campo De Fiori. During the day its main piazza has an outdoor market active since medieval times. Open Monday though Saturday it sells prime produce, cheeses, flowers and kitchen items such as espresso makers, a nice item to take home.

The market is a local affair, with just a smattering of tourists taking a look. Grandmothers carefully choose fresh vegetables and chat with stall owners. Don’t you wish you were invited to dinner? A few outdoor cafes in the piazza offer a good place to rest and take it all in.

The side streets of Campo De Fiori are worth wandering down. Vespas zoom by on narrow cobblestone lanes named after the artisans who inhabited them centuries ago. Ancient doorways line alleys that haven’t escaped Rome’s ubiquitous graffiti.


Anonymous said...

Good work Wendy, sometimes I wish I could open up a restaurant right next to the market and create beautiful dishes with the fresh and economical produce purchased from the market.

The Tiger said...

Man a beautiful piece of information. Though I just had dinner but the thought of it made me hungry. Italy here I come.. Talking about the Italian restaurant next door in NYC

Wendy said...

Anonymous, Thank you. You would have a lot to choose from at the market.

Tiger, New York does have its fair share of excellent Italian cuisine.

Madonna di Campiglio said...

Just love Italy! Many things to see and discover.