Jan 28, 2008

Portraits: Vampire Mermaid

The Vampire Mermaid was the belle of the ball. She strutted her stuff down Surf Avenue on a warm summer day. Surrounded by her mermaid comrades, a few spare King Neptunes and an endless sea of enthusiastic onlookers she was quite content to pose for photographs.

Not afraid of daylight or land the Vampire Mermaid was a participant in the annual Mermaid Parade held each June in Coney Island Brooklyn. If you are ever in town during the parade or live in the area and have never been I highly recommend attending. The costumes are astounding and the atmosphere one big party.

I’ll write more about the Mermaid Parade later on but for now I’d like to introduce this post as the first in a series of portraits from around the world that will be featured on a regular basis. No matter where you go it’s always the people who make the place.

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noway said...

god she looks very weird in vampire Mermaid Costume dress iam really scared