Feb 6, 2008

Rome’s Offbeat Archaeology

On the way to see the well documented sites of Rome, Italy you will casually encounter countless random antiquities. Some are easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention or don’t know where to look.

Tucked in one of the city’s many narrow cobblestone alleyways is an enormous marble sandled foot. It is believed that the foot is all that remains of a temple statue of an Egyptian god. You can find it on Via del Pie di Marmo (Street of the Marble Foot) next to Santa Maria sopra Minerva in the city center. I wonder how many people trying to park their car have bumped it by accident.

Trivia: Do you have Roman feet? If so you are in the minority. If your second toe is longer than your big toe you have them. Go on take a look. Only 10-20% of the population has Roman feet or toes, which are also known as Greek or Morton’s feet. The latter was a podiatrist who classified said feet.

This is the first in a series on offbeat archaeology finds in Rome. Here is the second installment. Meanwhile you can find out about the city’s most famous talking statue here.


Elizabeth said...

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graffitti from Marrakech but can't seem to get you through e-mail/
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or send me you email privately and I'll get it to you.
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Wendy said...

my e-mail is escapefromnewyork AT hotmail DOT com. I'll send you an e-mail also. Thanks.

Kim said...

I was in Rome several years ago and came across the same foot in your photograph. It took me so by surprise--one of those things that you just don't find in here in the US. By the way, I am in your neck of the woods, NYC and am having a fabulous time. Although Paris is my place of choice, I can certainly understand why this one calls to you!!

Wendy said...

Hi Kim,
I wish I had a foot like that on my street. Glad you are enjoying NYC and that the weather is decent. I can see why Paris is your place of choice. I haven't been in ages and need to remedy that.