Feb 10, 2008

Travel Blogging Brethren

Travelers are kindred spirits. I’ve had the good fortune in the last week to discover some of my readers and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of them pens a blog I read regularly. I have been reading Primitive Culture for a few months. The author lives in Thailand by way of Los Angeles and Cape Town. The photographs are stunning, almost edible and the posts take me on journeys that keep me coming back for more.

And imagine my delight and surprise when Bella Mocha stopped by and introduced herself and included Escape From New York in her top 10 blog reads. Thank you Bella. I’m in good company. U.K. based Bella will be moving to New York soon.

Ever The Nomad is written by professional travel scribe Anja who just left Brooklyn to spend five months in Lisbon, Portugal. Her site is beautifully designed and the photographs gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in Lisbon.

I’d also like to say hello to the Tell-Tale blog. I’ll be stopping by for a visit shortly. The best part of all this is getting to know something about my readers through their blogs.

Meanwhile, thank you Travel Betty and Blissful Travel who chose my post on Beijing’s hutongs for inclusion in Travel Rants weekly blog carnival. Stop by all three to see what these bloggers have to say.

Happy Chinese New Year. Photograph: Hutong Beijing


anja said...

Thanks for the inclusion, my travel blogging sister Wendy! :)

Xander said...

Thanks for the mention! Great quiet composition of the parked rickshaw. -X

Wendy said...

Happy travels!

Thank you!

Alexandra said...

Hi there,
Thanks for mentioning my blog.
It felt really good to see the name of my blog here.
Have a great time where ever you may be!
I'll be looking forward to reading about your adventures!

Wendy said...

Hi Alexandra,
Thank you as well and for stopping by. Come back soon!