Aug 25, 2008

Strange Souvenirs: Lucha Libre Masks Mexico

Humans don’t come equipped with the plumage that some bird species use to intimidate their competition and foes. Instead they must accessorize.

The masks worn by Mexico’s professional wrestlers are the icon of the sport and its participants. Lucha Libre (free fighting) is also part theater and part acrobatics with its own kingdom of stars that take on superhero personas. It draws large audiences to the arenas where the masked men compete. To be unmasked by your opponent is the ultimate defeat.

You’ll find the masks in markets where crafts are sold. Most are made of leather. The masks pictured are handmade and lace up in the back. Don’t they have a serial killer sensibility about them?

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Sara said...

Hmm I wouldn't like to have one of those on my wall ;-)

I've spent a lot of time with Mexicans, but I've never heard of Lucha Libre... Is it a regional sport? *curious*

Sara said...
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Cuckoo said...

I like masks of Venice more. These are a bit scary.

Wendy said...

Hi Sarah,
It's my understanding that it is a very popular sport throughout Mexico.
Hi Cuckoo-They are scary. Very Silence of the Lambs.

Anonymous said...

Mask - A thought

Lakshmi said...

i love masks..some look eerie, but I have a fascination for them..many times I am not allowed to have them on my walls though :(

Wendy said...

why can't you have them on your walls?

Jenny said...

I want one of those!!!!!!!

Prêt à Voyager said...

I've always been fascinated by these masks in art as well.


Wendy said...

Jenny, Glad they appeal to you
Anne, Love much of Mexico's art.

ArdillaRoja said...

Hi There :)

Lucha Libre is a kind of 'National Sport', and every mexican for sure grew up with the movies of "El Santo" (Silver mask, fourth row, fourth column) and Blue Demon (blue mask, Fifth row, first and second columns)... if someone would like to have one of those masks, you can check the official stores:

Blue Demon:

El Santo:

Cheers from Mexico :)