Oct 8, 2008

Catedral de Santiago Antigua Guatemala

Like many of Antigua, Guatemala’s landmark buildings the Catedral de Santiago has undergone numerous unplanned makeovers. Established in the 1500s it has endured earthquakes throughout the centuries. The beautiful facade contrasts with a modest interior. The details were forever lost following rebuilding.

Catedral de Santiago overlooks the heart of Antigua, Parque Central. Horse drawn carriages clip clop along the cobblestone streets surrounding the plaza, where locals and visitors put plenty of benches to good use under the shade of trees.

Shoe shiners seek out potential customers while Maya women sell textiles to tourists. After dark just as the mariachi bands start playing they head home on buses to the villages they call home.

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Pat said...

The catherdral still retains much of it's charm even after the makeovers!It sounds so peaceful to sit in the shade in the plaza.

Thanks so much for your best wishes! I appreciate them very much!

Anonymous said...

Great architecture.

Fly Girl said...

What a charming cathedral! It really does sound peaceful. A stop here will go on my Central American travel list!

Wendy said...

Pat, It is a lovely place to sit.

Hobo, glad you like.

Fly Girl, I bet you'd love it.

Wilson in Guatemala said...

great photo. they recently refurbished the outside and it is now a bright yellow like most of the others in Antigua.