Oct 10, 2008

Vestine Of Rwanda

Maryam of My Marrakesh has just returned from Rwanda and has posted on her blog an account of a woman named Vestine who survived the unimaginable horrors of genocide.

It needs to be shared. It needs to be read.

How you can help.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." --Albert Einstein

Photograph: Courtesy and Copyright of Maryam of My Marrakesh


Cuckoo said...

Oh I have been following her blog, saw it there.
Will definitely do the needful.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

shoukran, merci, gracias:)

GMG said...

Hi Wendy! Another hectic week; no, I’m not talking about the financial/economic crisis… ;))
Vestine is definitely living in a dangerous world; the one that is out there... Great to have people caring; Great job!
Beautiful cathedral in Antigua, and amazing spices around the world!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter has moved on to Mykonos! Hope you enjoy! Have a great Sunday!

Lakshmi said...

I have seen movies and documentaries on Rwanda genocide and this is terrible ..will do the needful