Feb 16, 2009

Portraits: Water Seller Marrakesh

This man is part of a large ensemble of characters that spend their days in Marrakesh’s Djemma el-Fna. The water sellers in the famed square no longer dispense refreshment for a living. Instead they pose for those willing to shell out a few dirhams to photograph them.

I couldn’t resist but smiled and quickly retreated when two of his buddies came running up.

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Catherine said...

He sure does have a mercenary gleam in his eye...

Gennaro said...

Those it has become very touristy, I still get a kick out of the happening there with the cobras, water sellers, and monkeys. The freshly-squeezed oragne juice tops it all.

Fly Girl said...

What a vivid costume, I wouldn't be able to resist either!

Lakshmi said...

Reminds me of the men posing in Rome wearing the costumes...its quite colorful for sure..

Anonymous said...

I like his smile and outfit. I'd pay to take his photo and buy some water from him. ;-)


Anonymous said...

fantastic !

Wendy said...

he was quite the photogenic rascal.

Gennaro, I do as well. There is nowhere else quite like it.

Fly Girl and Paz, I couldn't resist.

Lakshmi, you are right about the costumes. They are similar.

Hobo, thank you

jen laceda said...

He even has an ID. Does that mean he is an official water seller-poser for tourists?

kristine said...

aaah....i lived in morocco as a child, and have lots of photos of myself with water sellers like this one. I had completely forgotten. Thanks for the reminder!

Wendy said...

well spotted. Several years ago the authtorities really cracked down on those preying on tourists in Marrakesh (faux guides etc) so now all those to do with tourists need a license.

I can only imagine how even more magic Morocco must seem through the eyes of a child.