Apr 30, 2009

Street Scenes: Panama City

Don’t go down that street. I heard this at least once a day from Panama City residents while wandering with camera in hand. This street bad, that street good they would say while pointing out an alternative route. This happened throughout the city.

The streets they warned me to stay away from were of course always the most photogenic (stay away from the light). Often one of the good Samaritans would wait and watch to make sure I changed direction. When someone old enough to be your aunt or uncle takes the time to warn you of potential danger in a city you are not familiar with, particularly if it has a bad reputation for crime, it’s probably a good idea to heed his or her advice. But I still wonder what was at the end of the street pictured above.


jen laceda said...

As usual, a lovely photo.

I'm in Paris right now...my all-time fave city. I wonder if there are such streets here where most tourists don't get to see? ("Don't go there, those apartment blocks might turn you off some of your Paris fantasies...")

GMG said...

Hi Wendy! TGIF and a holiday here, so I've some time to enjoy your blog!!
This one remembered me of Cartagena de las Indias...
It's amazing, but the same advice was given to me when I used to venture to walk Washington Sq. to take a cab at Park Ave. South at 2:30 a.m. after a jazz show at either the Blue Note, the Visiones or the Village Vanguard... Residents tend to be more cautious than visitors... ;)

Blogtrotter is still turning around Vilnius. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!

Erica Johansson said...

The same thing happened to us when we were walking around in Harlem, New York, a few years ago. I think it's great when locals show concern for visitors who don't know the area well.

Fly Girl said...

That's a colorful and tempting street! I'd want to know what's down there too!

Wendy said...

Fantastic on Paris.

Gil, Agree on residents being more cautious.

Erica, I found it really endearing.

Fly Girl, There were quite a few colorful streets.

kristine said...

I just came back from panama city. I was planning to stay the weekend but had to come back to Belize at the last minute and didnt get to see much....shame. I always look at your panama posts and think it looks really great! I'm sure there will be other chances though.