Aug 24, 2009

Santa Fe’s Oldest

Santa Fe, New Mexico the USA’s oldest state capital also boasts the oldest church, house and continuously occupied building. All were built in the 1600s.

Located on the Old Santa Fe Trail the San Miguel Mission or Chapel still holds mass every Sunday. Indians from Mexico built the original structure, which has been modified over the centuries.

Across the road at 215 East De Vargas Street the oldest house is a classic adobe and brick structure. It is said to have paranormal activity.

The oldest continuously occupied public building, the Palace of the Governors is located on Santa Fe’s main Plaza. It dates from the early 1600s and was originally the seat of government for the Spanish colony Nuevo Mexico. Today it serves as a history museum. On most days Native American’s from nearby pueblos sell handicrafts and jewelery under its awning.

All are located in the historic center within easy walking distance of each other. Those used to living at sea level note that Santa Fe rises to 7,000 feet so it may take a day or two to adjust. Drink plenty of water. The altitude and relatively sparse population (approximately 60,000+ residents) keep the skies a brilliant pollution free blue.


kristine said...

At first glance I thought these pictures were from mali! But then of course, i had another look.....i have never been to santa fe but it looks nice. on the list it goes...

Kaotic said...

Oh, I love old buildings. So much history there. You can't help but look at the Church and see the original structure. The Indian touch sure has lived on.

Corbin at I backpack Canada said...

I've always loved this style of architecture. My grandma had this amazing woven blanket hung on her wall for ages and it had this spanish style housing overlooking hills and ocean. This post definitely reminded me that i need to check these out! Thanks!

Fly Girl said...

I never knew Santa Fe was the oldest state capitol, no wonder it's always fascinated me. I just passed up a trip to the Alberquerque balloon fest because I'm still holding out for Santa Fe.

marina villatoro said...

When I was in New Mexico I never made it to Santa Fe, but I did hang out in Toas for a while and the buildings were very similar! So beautiful. I love the southwest.

Anonymous said...

Great history preserved well.

gold said...

I am a fellow traveler and photograpgher also shooting festivals and celebrations all over the world
I look for the moments that connect us all
sharing our stories realizing our common humanity
I think it can make a positive impact on our world

really enjoy yor writing and travels !!

Wendy said...

Kristine, Having seen pictures of Mali I could see why you might think that. It's been on my list for ages.

Kaotic, I love old buildings as well.

Corbin, The textiles are gorgeous.

Fly Girl, Change your mind please. Santa Fe is about an hour from ABQ and the drive is gorgeous.

Marina, Taos is gorgeous.

Hobo, glad you enjoyed.

Gold, Thank you. Would love to see your photography.

jessiev said...

gorgeous photos!! i love the architecture there. thanks for sharing!